With the series Power the artist continues to address the themes of self-similarity, complexity and time.
The advent of the Industrial Age saw the realm of towering structures, previously the sole preserve of rulers or religious institutions, taken over by mostly privately funded skyscrapers.
A. Wengel‘s work focuses on the subjective effect of giant buildings on the ground, detached from pure observation of the architecture. Converging verticals and extreme perspectives reinforce the monumental impact of the buildings and are employed as stylistic devices.
Time and place are nullified by the composition, the dimensions blur. The use of hybrid techniques suspends reality and artificiality for the viewer. It is not about reality, but rather about the representation of an isolated truth, perceptible only through photography. Recurring forms and materials, the absence of people create a mysterious, anonymous impression – the purpose, hidden behind glass. The buildings appear as monuments of power – inaccessible, impregnable, sterile. The gloomy sky emphasizes this effect. The reduced visual language together with the juxtaposition allow for a concentrated analysis on a detailed and mid level, forming a steel portrait of our time.